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2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

Market Music

Our customers enjoy live music every market day thanks to Market Music sponsors.

FILE: (2019_Sponsorship_Program_Brochure..pdf)

2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

  Market Talks

From how to take soil samples to planting a flower, how to make a bath bomb or carve a pumpkin, customers can watch and  learn, maybe even get a chance to try it for themselves


FILE: (2019_Sponsorship_Program_Brochure..pdf)

Chef Friday Sponsorship

Once each month our chef demonstrators will feature a recipe made with a choice of the hundreds of seasonal Michigan grown fruit or vegetable items available at the farmers market. Customers get a sample and the recipe.

FILE: (2019_Sponsorship_Program_Brochure..pdf) 

2019 Fruit Pie Contest Sponsorship

Michigan Fruit Pie Contest

When it’s peak season for Michigan fruit what’s more fun than an old fashioned pie contest? Winning a prize for making a good one, that’s what!  

FILE: (2019_Sponsorship_Program_Brochure..pdf)

Market Hours



Battle Creek Farmers Market at

Festival Market Square

25 S McCamly Street in

downtown Battle Creek


Wednesday 9am to 2pm

Friday 3 to 7pm

May through October



Vendor Rules

1. Vendors must provide market management with a current Certificate of Insurance, indicating a minimum amount of $500,000 product liability coverage, with Battle Creek Farmers Market Association named as an additional insured.       

2. Vendors are expected to sell Michigan grown and/or processed products, and are required to sell in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal regulations. The majority of these rules are available at Cottage Food Law eligible products must be properly labeled in accordance with MDARD requirements.

3. Non-Michigan produce may be permitted with advance permission of market management, however, in accordance with regulations of the WIC program, a vendor who sells produce not permitted by the Project FRESH program (i.e. non-Michigan grown) at any time during the season will be ineligible to participate in the Project FRESH or Market FRESH program at any time during the season. The same restrictions shall apply to the Double Up Food Bucks, NHBP or similar coupon/token programs.

4. Vendors wishing to sell produce by weight must have a Certified Scale, inspected by the State of Michigan, displaying a seal with a current date.

5. Sampling of products must be done in accordance with Michigan Food Law. Samples of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, cheese, etc., must be prepared in an inspected, licensed facility. Vendors will be required to provide proof of access to such a kitchen should they choose to offer samples. Foods being sold under the Cottage Food Law may be sampled, in accordance with Michigan Food Law, however are not required to be prepared in an inspected, licensed facility.

6. Vendors who wish to market products as "organic" must be USDA Certified Organic and display proof of certification.

7. The Market Master, or designee, has authority to instruct vendors to remove items being offered for sale.

8. Prices are to be clearly displayed on signs or marked on each item to be sold. The Market Master reserves the right to establish a floor price on any, and all, items offered for sale. "Dumping" of products will not be allowed.

9. A space is assigned to each vendor. Partial season vendors and those who pay daily fees will be assigned space on a first come, first served basis, and should not presume to be in the same space throughout the season. When possible they will be accommodated.

10. The Market Master reserves the right to use a seasonal vendor space for a daily vendor if the seasonal vendor has not arrived at the market by 15 minutes before market opening. When you know you are running late, call/text Brigette Leach at 269-720-2279 or Kristina Moore at 269-967-1475. If market management is notified at least 30 minutes in advance of opening, your space will not be used for a daily vendor.

11. All produce or products offered for sale must be kept within the stall space allocated, and without intruding on neighboring stall space.

12. Items offered for sale shall not be displayed at ground level.

13. Vendors shall supply their own tables and other necessary display items. Pop-up awnings are permitted with market management permission. All awnings are to be weighted and/or secured.

14. Producers and crafts persons are limited to a maximum of 2 paid spaces. Produce brokers are limited to 1 paid space.

15. All vendors are required to clearly display the vendors name or farm/business name, address and telephone number at their space, on signage at least 8 1/2" x 11".

16. Produce brokers must clearly identify themselves as such via signage at least 8 1/2" x 11".

17. Fees must be paid before a space can be used. Market Management will come to your stall to collect fees. Cash or check is acceptable.

18. Vendors are responsible to keep their space clean, and to clean up before leaving the market. After one warning, vendors who do not clean their stalls, resulting in someone else having to clean up, will be charged a $25 fee for each incident. Brooms and dust pans are available from market management.

19. Vendors should be present at the market during the entire stated market hours, and plan to bring enough product so as to not "sell out". Repeatedly leaving before the end of the market day may result in loss of stall space.

20. No pets are permitted in vendor spaces.

21. No smoking or tobacco use is permitted in vendor stalls. This includes smokeless tobacco.

22. The business relationship between the market and a vendor is "at will", and may be terminated by market management at any point in time, without cause.

23. Severe weather is the only weather-related reason for the market to be canceled. If severe weather exists (i.e. a "warning" has been issued, not a "watch") prior to market opening, that days market will not be held. If severe weather develops during market hours, decisions will be made on a case by case basis. Customer and vendor safety is the primary concern.

24. The market employs "secret shoppers" to verify that vendors are adhering to rules of the food assistance programs, as well as all market rules. Secret Shop reports are provided to vendors.

25. Vendors may not 'sublet' their stalls at any time or for any reason.

These rules and regulations may be modified and/or amended as needed without prior notice. Should questions pertaining to rules arise, sole discretion shall be held by the Market Master or his/her designee.


It is our long standing policy to not allow political campaigns, petition signature gathering or issue based efforts at the markets.